Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Future Floor Finish Magic

Today found out how to save a good piece of work that I thought I had destroyed. I had over worked a piece of card stock that I had collaged – I mean I sanded it, tore it, scraped at it, wet it, sprayed it – I basically beat it to death. I don’t know what the heck I was trying to do – age it more I guess or something. What to do – what to do...?. Then I spotted the Future Floor Finish I had been working with just the other night.....hmmmm.......I was day dreaming about the commercial I used to see as a kid – the one where you are in a kitchen and the floor looks like it is under scratched up Plexiglas, scratched up so bad you can’t see through it. Then a very well groomed woman in a 1950’s party dress comes out with a mop and the Future – where ever the mop swipes the floor with the Future – voila! – shiny cleaness.
I snapped out of it and grabbed the bottle and squirted some onto my work table – I dipped my finger in and began to rub the future over my scraped up, scratched up and ruined collage. clip_image002
    HOLY COW! It came back to life!! I couldn’t believe it!! Then – I went crazy – I started beating the crap out of a bunch of things and experimenting with what the Future Floor Finish could do. The BEST thing I figured out was that you can squirt out about a quarter sized amount of FFF and then put a drop of ink into it! That creates a glass-like but completely transparent colored finish over your work! clip_image004clip_image006
Yellow ink really wakes things up – green, blue, pink – what fun!! I need to go get another bottle of Future.....before they stop making it.

clip_image008       clip_image010                                  

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  1. This idea/technique looks fantastic - shame we don't seem to be able to get Future Floor Finish here in France. Maybe there is something similar, I will have to see what I can find. Thanks for sharing these great photos and work brilliant idea.
    Best wishes,