Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Box me up

I want to talk about cardboard for a minute. Here is another chance to pretend I am more of a recycler than I am. As I have said before I do recycle the usual stuff – plastics, cans, bottles, cardboard, paper. However, I would pay for cardboard if I had to – it’s a miracle that you can get it for free just about any place! Altering cardboard gives amazing effects – my favorite of which is something I’ll call the grunge wall effect for lack of a better term.


This is where you paint the cardboard and then strip and tear off random swatches of the cardboard’s “cover” paper - thereby exposing some of the ridges beneath. You can then either paint the ridges a different color or decoupage them with printed tissue, or spray them with ink – there are tons of things you can do with a piece like this. It always reminds me of an old broken down bit of wall that has had layers of billboards come off over the years – or that has had plaster over brick over those wooden slats and is all falling apart at different speeds of time.


In addition to making a fine altered surface, cardboard also provides a sturdy substrate for all kinds of things that need it, like beeswax collages for example – or works made in tissue paper.


On my way to the recycling bins over by my library, I might have to stop by the store for some more white acrylic and........well whatever is on sale of course.


  1. What happend? Is everything ok? I can't find your vides anymore.
    I hope everything is ok.

  2. Gosh I am hoping that everything is ok with you. I sure miss you since finding you.
    Please take care.

  3. Another concerned fan. I pray that all is well. Adriann